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An online B2B agricultural marketplace, Produce Mart is a straightforward innovation meant to facilitate local and global sales of wholesale ingredients. The company platform works to remove the obstacles present in modern agricultural trade through a streamlined process in which they act as intermediary between suppliers and manufacturers in the UK and beyond. Equipped with excellent produce and top of the line customer service, Produce Mart has carved out a place for itself among the hustle and bustle of the urban market. To bolster their visibility and attract more clients, they hired us to handle their digital presence.

What was Client Looking For?

What did Presseo provide?


Increase in organic revenue

It can be hard to get people to follow instructions on the internet – not because they’re not interested, but because there are often architectural hurdles in place that require too much individual effort to overcome. Even if you are offering free products, unless the website is clear and accessible customers will not engage. That is why landing pages are so important in the journey of conveying your company message.


Increase in organic visits

Presseo analyzed their wants, needs, and brand image. Once we had a cohesive understanding of where they were at and where they wanted to be, we directed ourselves towards the development of an appropriate website. The end result is a website that acts as a company profile and sets Marsons apart in a natural yet compelling way.




keywords ranking on #1

To ensure that landing pages have the utmost utility, we hone their responsiveness down to the impact of minutiae. Our page loading speeds are always up to the mark, as well. Most importantly, our call-to-action is as deliberate and purposeful as it can be, encouraging customers to download their eBook as soon as they land on the landing page.


Awards Won

By highlighting the benefits of downloading the eBook on the landing page, we optimized it for maximum customer reach. By tapping into the aspirational qualities within customers, we prioritized the eBook’s functionality to them. If there was any lingering doubt, it was attended to in the form of testimonials from real people who had already bought the book. By diligently doing our job, we made sure to reach our clients’ objectives.

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