How Presseo Developed Responsive Business Website


Media @ Marsons is an online content creation company specializing in the written word. Established in 2019 in London, United Kingdom, Marsons provides content solutions for a wide range of technical topics, including finance, the tech sphere, IT, energy, and real estate among other things. In addition, the company’s services revolve around content, a catch-all term that includes all content creation strategies for a variety of delivery methods. Media @ Marsons is known for content that engages and retains users, allowing their readers to learn about the world’s most complex ideas in an accessible way.

What was Client Looking For?

What did Presseo provide?


Increase in organic revenue

Marsons wanted to make an impact with their digital presence. Primarily, they wanted to be able to direct their customers to something that they could be proud of: an accurate professional profile of their company, in the form of a website. That’s where our team came in!


Increase in organic visits

Presseo analyzed their wants, needs, and brand image. Once we had a cohesive understanding of where they were at and where they wanted to be, we directed ourselves towards the development of an appropriate website. The end result is a website that acts as a company profile and sets Marsons apart in a natural yet compelling way.


keywords ranking on #1

Our design format explicitly illustrated the company’s main characteristics and highlighted the fields they are most proficient in. We showcased their company solutions on a single page and made their website easy to navigate, as well as cost-effective. Our meticulous and talented group ensured that every page of their website was, and remains, SEO-friendly. What this means in tangible returns is an increase in their search rankings, a drastic improvement in their online exposure, and a swell in their lurker-to-customer pipeline.


Awards Won

That’s how we do it here at Presseo – painless, operational, and efficient. We develop responsive websites that operate without a hitch on any platform. Because mobile responsiveness translates to a higher website ranking, we have a tactical advantage when we refine the mobile experience. When it comes to the nitty gritty, we know what we’re talking about.

A Word From Marsons:

When I employed Presseo’s fantastic team to refine my company’s website, I had reached a point where I was getting tired with the constant state of flux that the digital realm wades in. I was too busy to be constantly updating my website, but I didn’t want to lose out on the benefits of an SEO-friendly website either. Ever since I stumbled upon Presseo, all my worries have melted away.



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