How Presseo Helped a Company Brand Their Content


Lawrence Grant is an accounting firm in the United Kingdom specializing in bespoke financial solutions. Brimming with financial expertise, Lawrence Grant relies heavily on top-notch user- and client-experience. It is one of their values to be as accessible and forward-focusing as possible when it comes to their clients. Already an active member of their local civil community, Lawrence Grant also wanted to target beyond their current reach. To do that, they found Presseo!

What was Presseo Looking For?

What did Presseo Provide?

Working on top of their established reputation, Presseo made sure that everything we wrote was in harmony with their brand image and their level of expertise. Because they dealt in language that might seem exclusive to customers unfamiliar with accounting, our team of technical experts came equipped with mastery of the technical languages involved.
With this extensive vocabulary, we were able to write content that came in line with their desired brand image while still retaining inclusivity. We made sure that Lawrence Grant was specifically accessible to people outside of the accounting community, and was actually oriented toward an outsiders perspective. By doing so, we communicated their brand’s intentions to their larger target audiences.

Customer Quote

“It is a special pleasure for me to suggest Presseo to all interested businesses or individuals. They have been experienced, exhaustive, and brilliant throughout the website building process. I feel that we have created a strong relationship with them, and I’ll be glad to work with them in the upcoming years. The response to our latest website has been overwhelmingly positive, and they successfully achieve all the complexities of the project. I’m delighted with their performance, collaboration, and professional behavior“


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