How Presseo Develop a Responsive and Multi-Functional Website


Amazon Hoster is a privately-owned, independent global web hosting enterprise founded in 2021. From a humble beginning, it evolved into the first choice for web hosting services of more than 100,000 personal and small-business website owners. With 50+ employees operating in 9 data centers worldwide, they continue developing and improving their products portfolio and services with Presseo. They aimed to provide their customers with a complete package under one umbrella and help them grow their customer’s businesses.

What was Presseo Looking For?

What does Presseo Provide them?


Increase in organic revenue

It is essential to stay connected with your clients and stand out from the competition; therefore, we developed a custom design for Amazon Hoster that is different from a typical website design. We analyzed their customer behaviors and developed a custom design that satisfied the expectations of the client and their users.


Increase in organic visits

We discover everything to understand your business requirements, especially the things your new website needs to deliver the best user experience. Moreover, we love coming up with new solutions that drive the technology to work hard and make it easier for users. Our team developed a solution that offered Amazon Hoster a flexible, cost-effective way to meet their needs.


keywords ranking on #1

We streamlined the version of an internal system to increase the efficiency of finding domain names, hosting, or domain transfer, to an interactive system to support building brand loyalty with customers. In addition, our team satisfied the client by providing an easy-to-use payment method that functions when the user wants to purchase hosting or domain.


Awards Won

We know your website showcases your online business foundation, which needs to be responsive and attractive. Therefore, our experts developed a responsive website that works correctly on any size screen, such as a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. We developed this by adapting controls, menus, and other visuals to match every device’s screen width and height. We also ensure that the user always gets the most pleasing experience regardless of their operating device.

Customer Quote

“It is a special pleasure for me to suggest Presseo to all interested businesses or individuals. They have been experienced, exhaustive, and brilliant throughout the website building process. I feel that we have created a strong relationship with them, and I’ll be glad to work with them in the upcoming years. The response to our latest website has been overwhelmingly positive, and they successfully achieve all the complexities of the project. I’m delighted with their performance, collaboration, and professional behavior“



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