How Presseo Used Technical Literacy to Boost Visibility


A1 Technologies is a prestigious and well-known Australian IT solutions and managed services provider. Catering to the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, the solution-oriented company is on the cutting edge of technological infrastructure. Dealing with big names like Microsoft and Azure, A1 Technologies is always looking to add value to their customers’ technological experiences. To do this, they hoped to create an all-encompassing experience for the visitors to their website. They understood that their website was most likely the first point of contact with them for the majority of their potential clients, so they came to Presseo to strengthen their digital legitimacy.

What was Presseo Looking For?

What does Presseo Provide them?

While A1 Technologies already had authority in its field, Presseo came in with the goal of heightening its credibility and boosting its visibility with appropriate and thought-provoking content. Being an Australian company, we ensured that their prospective clients would feel right at home with the language we were using.
Other than our regional targeting, we also ensured technical proficiency in all of their technology-specific content. A1 required technical experts to write their blogs and articles to maintain their prestigious standing as a platform for thought-leadership regarding technology. We could do this because our team consists of technical professionals with years of experience in the content that A1 Technologies was seeking. Here at Presseo, we believe that content is king and should be treated with appropriate distinction.

Customer Quote

“It is a special pleasure for me to suggest Presseo to all interested businesses or individuals. They have been experienced, exhaustive, and brilliant throughout the website building process. I feel that we have created a strong relationship with them, and I’ll be glad to work with them in the upcoming years. The response to our latest website has been overwhelmingly positive, and they successfully achieve all the complexities of the project. I’m delighted with their performance, collaboration, and professional behavior“

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